NIH Toolbox® V3 Virtual Conference

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Join us on Friday, March 24th, 2023 for our Virtual Conference to learn how the latest version of the NIH Toolbox iPad app can assist with your neurological and behavioral assessment needs.

Part 1: V3 Product Introduction

Gain an introduction to the new V3 assessment suite, including an overview of the streamlined app interface and workflows as well as updated support materials and resources.

Learn about:

  • Newly added tests: Face Name Memory Exam, Speeded Matching, and Visual Reasoning
  • Updated tests: Oral Symbol Digit, Rey Auditory Verbal Learning
  • Updated norms representative of the 2020 US Census

With a historical overview, we will review the developmental timeline of the NIH Toolbox and discuss its clinical and research applications. We are also eager to share about additional initiatives, including: the Mobile Toolbox platform, Infant and Toddler (Baby) Toolbox, ARMADA: Assessing reliable measurement in Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive aging project methods, and translations.

Part 2: V3 Technical Overview

Obtain a technical overview of V3 norming and validation studies, changes users can expect from V2 to V3, and how to transition longitudinal studies to the new V3 iPad app.