New App Can Detect Dementia in Less Than 30 Minutes

The NIH Toolbox V3 app can assess cognitive, motor, sensory, and emotional function in people three to 85 years old faster than previous testing methods. For people wondering if their occasional forgetfulness is a sign of dementia or another neurological condition, taking a quick cognitive assessment at a routine doctor’s office visit could deliver the answers they […]

NIH Toolbox App Provides Access to Tests for Cognition, Motor, Sensation and Emotion

Tool may help improve patient care with access to tests for everything from dementia risk to academic screening An iPad app developed by Northwestern Medicine investigators that helps measure specific aspects of cognitive, motor, sensory and emotional function in five minutes or less is now available for doctors to screen people ages 3 to 85+ […]

Brief, Automated Cognitive Test May Offer Key Advantages in MS

The National Institutes of Health Toolbox Cognitive Battery (NIHTB-CB), a 30-minute, automated, iPad-based battery of psychological tests, offers some key

NavNeuro | The NIH Toolbox® – With Dr. Julie Hook

There is a benefit to developing computerized test batteries that can be used across large, longitudinal epidemiologic studies and prevention/intervention