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The NIH Toolbox has been used in over 300 clinical trials listed on To further assist in large-scale global deployment, the NIH Toolbox currently offers a customized app suitable for deployment via a mobile device manager (i.e., no in-app purchases), which is only available through Apple’s Business/School Manager Storefront (contact us for more information). In addition, the select tests have been translated into multiple languages to allow for expanded usage.

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Test Selection

The NIH Toolbox tests were designed to be easy to administer to allow for examiners at all skill levels to be trained on these tests. The NIH Toolbox offers free online training videos and administration guides to allow trials to take full advantage of this system. All scoring is done locally on the iPad and no tests need to be sent anywhere for scoring. Test results (i.e., data) can be exported via CSV files in any number of methods including configurable web location, encrypted email, iCloud or iTunes.

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Highlighted Use Case

A recent study (Parsey, 2021) shows an example of the NIH Toolbox’s utility as an outcome measure in a clinical trial of older adults. Authors found that stability of the crystalized composite over time and fluid abilities showed improvement in short time frame. Response times and eros at the individual test levels were also found to be useful in identifying subtle cognitive change over short time frames.

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Mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension, such as thinking, knowing, remembering, judging and problem solving.

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A set of complex physiological processes that require the integration of multiple systems, including neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neural motor and sensory-perceptual systems.

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Biochemical and neurological process of detecting incoming nerve impulses as nervous system activity.

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Strong feelings, such as joy, sorrow, or fear. It is an affective state of consciousness in which one of these feelings is experienced.

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