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NIH Toolbox® Cognition, Motor, Sensation, and Emotion tests are available for iPads only through the App Store. Check out our hardware requirements and compatibility.

NIH Toolbox® V3

Download version 3 of NIH Toolbox in English, Spanish, Hebrew or Arabic in the App Store. Check out more translations available. 





Balance by NIH Toolbox® V3

Download the Balance by NIH Toolbox® V3 App (a freely available companion app needed for the Balance Test in the Motor Domain).

NIH Toolbox V2

Download version 2 of NIH Toolbox in English or Spanish in the App Store. Check out more translations available. 



Interested in Patient Report Outcomes (PROs)?

Check out HealthMeasures for more information on PROMIS®, ASCQ-Me® and Neuro-QoL™.”


Apple’s App Store

While you can download the app and view tests and reporting features in the NIH Toolbox app, you’ll need a subscription in order to use the scoring and reporting features in the NIH Toolbox app. Subscriptions are available as an in-app purchase.

NIH Toolbox V3 Subscription:

  • 1-2 Devices: $599.99
  • 3-6 Devices: $1,499.99
  • 7-10 Devices: $2,499.99

Subscription includes:

  • Available as an in-app purchase in the NIH Toolbox app
  • Provides access to scoring and reporting for all tests
  • Scoring done automatically on the app (no data leaves the app unless you want it too)
  • Includes scoring and reporting for Cognition tests if you have received approval to use those tests

Apple’s Business/School Manager Store

We offer a customized app which is compatible with large scale deployment via a Mobile Device Manager. In this customized app, no in-app purchase is necessary. You will need to have an account in Apple’s Business or School Manager Store.*

Please consider how many apps you will need and contact us for a quote. Pricing for this deployment is separate and the Apple App Store pricing does not apply.

 * This option will be available in the future. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Organizations with managed devices

If your organization uses devices where app installation is managed by an IT administrator, and/or you need to purchase a subscription for a large number of devices, please contact us for a quote.*

Purchasing NIH Toolbox for large organizations or installing managed devices.

* This option will be available in the future. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

How to Administer NIH Toolbox Tests

The NIH Toolbox enables examiners to conduct tests with almost any population in just a few minutes, with a minimum of equipment.

Approval for Cognition tests

In accordance with the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing developed jointly by the American Psychological Association, American Educational Research Association and the National Council on Measurement in Education (2014), test users must have the appropriate knowledge, skills, training and experience to responsibly use NIH Toolbox tests.

“Test users” are those persons responsible for the selection, administration, scoring and interpretation of tests and the communication of results. The NIH Toolbox Cognition tests are considered C-Level tests (like the Weschler scales, for example). C-Level tests require a high degree of expertise in test interpretation, and thus should only be provided to a User with state licensure or certification to practice in a field related to the request, or a doctorate degree in psychology, education, or a closely related field, with formal training in the ethical administration, scoring, and interpretation of clinical assessments related to the intended use of the assessment.

Any users of C-Level assessments must be supervised by one or more users with C-Level qualifications, which must have been provided in advance per this process.

Once approved, you will receive a code to unlock Cognition tests in the NIH Toolbox app. Like other tests, those tests can be viewed for free, while scoring and reporting require a subscription.

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