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Assess multiple areas of cognitive and behavioral functioning across the lifespan.

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One on One Tutoring Tablet Computer


Screen student’s cognitive abilities and emotional wellbeing with one measurement system.

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A cheerful mature female school library volunteer smiles for the camera. She is standing in front of a book shelf holding a clipboard and pen and wearing a nametag.


Choose from a wide selection of brief, standardized tests to allow for reduced participant burden.

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A Korean woman with cancer is meeting with her doctor. The doctor is showing her test results on an electronic wireless tablet. The doctor smiles as he gives good news regarding the patient's treatment.


Tests are translated in multiple languages allowing for global assessments.

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Testimonial of Richard Gershon

Getting Started with the NIH Toolbox® is easy!

View aspects of the system at no cost. Simply download the NIH Toolbox app onto your iPad today, apply for cognition access, and review any test on the app for free.  

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