Over 50 Neurobehavioral Assessments in One iPad App

State-of-the-art digital assessments of Cognition, Motor, Sensation, and Emotion. Our valid, reliable and norm-referenced tests allow for the assessment of participants across the lifespan (3 to 85+ years). Assessment results offer valuable insights for clinicians, researchers and academicians.


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Assess multiple areas of cognitive and behavioral functioning across the lifespan.

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Screen student’s cognitive abilities and emotional wellbeing with one measurement system.

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Choose from a wide selection of brief, standardized tests to allow for reduced participant burden.

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Tests are translated in multiple languages allowing for global assessments.

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Watch this short video to see how the NIH Toolbox is used by clinicians and researchers.

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Comprehensive Assessment of Neurological and Behavioral Function

Customizable assessments allow for daily clinical use or adoption into large-scale research studies with minimal participant burden.

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Developed by Leading Experts

Backed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded contract in 2004. Dr. Richard Gershon led a team of 250+ scientist to develop a psychometrically sound brief measurement system of neurobehavioral functioning.

Introducing V3: Our Latest Digital Assessments

The NIH Toolbox was updated and streamlined in 2022, and is now available in the V3 app.

Comparing V2 to V3


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